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We are using mongodb to store our data, but our bot is mainly a moderation bot so there isn't any data that we need to store about the user, except for user's infractions and their profile settings bio.

Request to delete

We have updated the site now. If the user wants to delete their data, they can go to their profile and click the button, but before that, the user needs to read the ToS (scroll down)

For how long do we store data

We store the user's data until they request our team to reset/delete it, then they will no longer be in our database, till the user uses the bot again. We also delete the user's data for a server if they have left the server, but if the bot is being used in other servers, the user's data will be used in those servers.

What data do we collect when you auth with website

We only collect the servers the user is in, the user's avatar, username & id while the user is signed into the website. After the user signs out, the data we collected is deleted.

Terms of service - Olly

By inviting our bot, you agree to the following terms
1. We are allowed to collect your id and id of the guilds you are in.
2. We are allowed to create a collection for your server
3. We offer no refund from donations.
4. If you wish to delete your infractions, you must contact the server owner.

Last Updated: September 2021