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Olly is your useful personal agent.

Olly can research anything 🌐, analyze documents 📚,
generate images 🖼️, set reminders ⏰, and more.

Available over SMS, iMessage
and WhatsApp


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Sees and hears you.

Send voice messages & images to get the assistance you need.

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Reads for you.

Send PDFs, documents & articles to summarize or answer questions.

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Always up to date.

Fast and accurate answers to your questions, powered by the web.

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Shapes your ideas.

Uses specialized models for each of your different design needs.

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Keeps you on track.

Simple text reminders help you stay on top of your day.

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Learns from you.

Knows you and improves over time to anticipate your needs.

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No downloads, no signups, and no identifying information.

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